Location Value Client
Busselton, WA $25M ~ Water Corporation


This project was the proud winner of the 2021 CCFWA Earth Awards (Category $20M - $30M).
The project involved the upgrade of the Vasse River Diversion, including but not limited to:
Removal and reconstruction of the diversion dam; Construction of an overflow spillway at the diversion dam; removal and reconstruction of the diversion drain levees; excavation of internal berms to increase the diversion drain waterway; scour protection in the drain; replacement of drainage culverts discharging into the diversion drain; design and construction of an extension to the steel truss pedestrian bridge and upgrade to the concrete lined section of the drain including increasing the height of the walls.

The project was conducted as a joint venture with JWI Contracting as a 70(WF)/30(JWI) joint venture. The combined team preformed incredibly and the joint venture was a huge success.


Install and Maintenance of 4 coffer dams
Bulk Earthworks 510,000m3
ASS Treatment 21,500m3
Topsoil Replacement and Hydro mulch 220,000m2
Gabions & Rock Pitching 10,000m2
Limestone Blocks 4,800
Fencing 6000m
Concrete 3000m3
Gravel Pavement 45,000m2
Diversion of 50 l/m MSCL Piping and Valves
Design and Construction of Pedestrian Bridge


Construction works completed within the confines of live operational roads and in consultation of numerous land owners.
Buy local target achieved 2.3 times the contractual requirement at $10M
Apprentices / trainees target exceed by 60%
Aboriginal employees and businesses target exceeded by 50%
Over 100,000 worked hours with zero injury's
Project completed 52 days ahead of schedule
Value engineering provided over $750,000.00 saving to the client+