Location Value Client
Kwinana, WA $15M ~ MSP Engineering

START: 2018 - FINISH: 2019


Westforce were contracted by MSP Engineering to complete a range of work including but not limited to, earthworks, pavement construction, installation of drainage systems, construction of several concrete structures, installation of buried services, including gas lines, firewater, sewer, potable water and recycling water.

Works were performed on the new Lithium Hydroxide Plant in Kwinana. The plant is the first lithium hydroxide plant outside of China and the largest of its kind in the world.

Westforce were also responsible to build the 132kv substation, complete various service installations notably gas mains, fire water and HV cable.


Roadworks - 73,000m2 of construction of hardstands and road pavements including, box cuts, in situ preparation, subbase and basecourse installation & final trim for asphalt. Installation of concrete kerbs, road line markings & Armco crash barriers.

Drainage - Stormwater drainage systems for the plant, including installation of several swales and overflow structures.

Concrete – Over 1100m3 of concrete was installed as part of ground slabs, retaining walls, pedestals, ring beams, suspended slab, and miscellaneous concrete foundations site wide. In addition, concrete infills were completed in areas where asphalting was not accessible.

Fencing & Lighting Mast Foundations - Security fencing and gates were installed to the full perimeter of the site. Foundations for all lighting structures were completed.

Buried Services – Over 300m of buried gas main pipes were installed from the main gas skid to the boiler as part of Stage 1 works, and from the main skid to secondary gas skid on Stage 2. Potable water, sewer, wastewater, full firewater system & recycling water were installed.


Concrete: 1100m3 +
Roadworks: 73,000m2
Buried Services: 300m +