Location Value Client
Roy Hill Mine AUD$8.7M Roy Hill

Roy Hill have constructed a processing facility known as the Wet High Intensity Magnectic Separation (WHIMS) which is a processing technique to recover additional ultrafine iron units. Roy Hill is now expanding the WHIMS plant, which has been labelled as the Ultrafine Iron Recovery Project 1.5.

Westforce was engaged by Roy Hill to undertake Civil works which included:

All associated project and site management activities;
On site Safety Management
Construction of WHIMS extension - Separation Building
Construction of Scavenger Thickener
Construction of new Flocculant Line
Construction of new Transformer and Switchroom
Construction of new access roads and drainage systems
Extension of the firewater system
Relocation of Street lighting.
As part of the variation package, we are constructing a new structure labelled Spirals Building, as part of the WHIMS extension.