Location Value Client
Garden Island, WA $25M ~ Lendlease


This project provides new facilities and infrastructure at HMAS Stirling Navy Base, across multiple, concurrent building stages. Westforce are subcontracted to Lendlease Building Contractors to provide civil enabling and completion works including site fencing installation, existing service location and removal, traffic management, tree lopping, green-site clearing and grubbing, construction of temporary hardstands and temporary carparks, building pad construction, CFA pile installation and cropping, construction of new, permanent roads and carparks, kerbing, footpaths, line marking and external landscaping works.


Works carried out across multiple building stages with initial enabling works to allow building construction then returning for external finishes. Project commenced in early 2021 with a current completion date of mid 2024.
Semi-Permanent Fencing 4,000m2
Site Prep 52,000m2
Temporary Carparks 18,000m2
Import Fill 27,000m3
Concrete Piles 150 No. 750-900mm dia, up to 30m deep
Concrete Pavement 2,600m2
Asphalt 5,300m2
Footpaths 2,300m2
Kerb 1,600m


Duration: 3 years+
Max Crew Size : 22+