Location Value Client
Beenyup, WA $6M ~ Water Corporation

START: January 2017 - FINISH: December 2017


Stage 2 of the Beenyup Advanced Water Recycling Plant (AWRP) was constructed at the Beenyup Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Western Australia on behalf of the Water Corporation.

Westforce completed the Early Works Contract (EWC) for the Stage 2 development which carried out site preparation work across the area in advance of the main contract works.


  • Installation of temporary retention structures
  • Excavation of stockpiles & uncontrolled fill to varying levels
  • Impact rolling compaction over most of the base of the excavation
  • Low vibration proof compaction
  • Vibration & dust monitoring
  • Conventional proof compaction
  • Handling of excavated materials, including off-site disposal of unsuitable asbestos contaminated material approx. 20,000m3
  • Replacement with clean fill & compaction of fill to nominated level


Asbestos Contaminated Material: 20,000m 3 ~